Leading Your Team Throughout the Week

So I have a team member who tells me the same story every week and I find it very interesting.

Early in the week, especially after a Sunday night team call, the team is so excited to build a business.

But by Thursday it’s a different story and the cycle repeats itself.

Watch this video here:

Put Business Aside and Check In

Sometimes just a phone call with a teammate mid-week, which is soft on business goals, is exactly the remedy.

Life gets in the way for everyone and we, as leaders, should acknowledge that.

Be a caring sponsor. This is not just about business only, this is about people and their dreams and all of their whys.

If a teammate is having a tough week, then be there for them. Business isn’t going anywhere.

The best thing you could do is just have a friend to friend talk about life. In most cases, that’s all that’s needed.

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