I’m on Day Three… Wow!

Video Challenge Was a Great Decision

So joining this global 30-day video challenge called: Light It Up! is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself and my business.

It’s 180 entrepreneurs from pretty darn close to 180 different businesses and we are all focused on putting ourselves out there and also learning the tips to becoming a great video marketer.

Here’s a quick video update I made just moments before I went outside to shoot my day three video:

Support and Empowerment on a Global Level

If I could say one thing about this, it’s the support of this global community. It’s not easy putting yourselves out there, so this platform is fantastic because no one sees the videos except the people in the group (you can choose to share them with others if you like).

A general rule we have is to post your daily video and then watch and comment on at least four videos of other people. People are breaking the rule and commenting on 15-20 videos daily.

How cool is that? Pretty darn cool!

Anyway, I will continue to leave updates here on my blog. Like I said in the video above, if you want to learn video marketing, please contact me and I can share with you some of my tips.

Teaching video marketing is something I do as a BONUS when you join my AIOP team. I entered the challenge to better myself and learn so I can provide even more value with the marketers I teach.

Although I think my best value is “encouragement”. I love to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone.

Have a wonderful day and feel free to comment below.

Feel free to view my other posts on this blog and if you want to connect with me, my contact info is below.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/chrism1975 (Please send friend request along with a private message)


You can also text or call me on my mobile: 650-863-1945

Skype: chris.mclaughlin408

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