Generating Leads and This One Important Thing

In this industry, lead-generation is one of the hottest topics. One thing I do know is that once you have a marketing strategy introduced to you, I believe researching on your own is crucial.

For example, if you hear you should be advertising on Instagram, then further research on your part is necessary. This also brings more value to ourselves.

I talk more in-depth about this in my video:

Watch my video here:

I hope you find some value in this post!

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Arnel is a good friend of mine and a very intelligent, global marketer. He’s always providing value to the marketplace and a lot of that value was accumulated through “research” on his own.

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  1. Hey Chris how are you doing? Well I hope.
    OK right in to it Chris, First of I am an old side tracked member,I am in the process of rejoining the AIOP system after I get a few thing worked out financially. I notice that the links to Arnel Macariola’s site show up as an error when clicked on, any special reasons why?
    that’s my first question for now.
    Have a great day Chris.

    1. Chris McLaughlin

      Thanks Tim for commenting. And I actually made an error with the link for Arnel, so appreciate you pointing it out. It’s all fixed now. I’m going to shoot you an email and hopefully we can connect. I’d love to chat with you about AIOP. Talk soon, Chris


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