Failing and Failing Fast

In this video, I talk about failing and failing fast.

When you are new to the industry, you should have an open mind. Try different things and don’t be afraid to make mistakes… a lot of them.

I’ve made my share of mistakes and it has made me better, without a shadow of a doubt.

Watch my video here as I dig a bit deeper:

I hope you find some value in this video post!

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  1. Chuck Dawley

    Really important tip, Chris – thanks for the insight 🙂
    Failure is a great teacher, as long as you learn and persist .


  2. So glad i came across you Chris – another GEM of a video and a great reminder for people to just give it a go……awesomesauce bro…


  3. Failure is a lesson learned. So every step backward when you fail, you’ll move 2 steps forward if you learn the solutions and apply them.


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