Better Than Not Taking Action

Don’t Get Down When You Take Steps Back

Recently I had a team member feeling a bit down about her a new marketing strategy she was working. She felt that she wasted an entire week of her business. I told her she didn’t.

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Giving Ourselves Credit

Sometimes we forget how far we’ve come especially when we take action. This industry is not easy so experimentation is necessary. There is no right way that is absolute for everyone.

I totally understand when a team member feels they might have wasted time, but that’s part of the growing process. We need to try different strategies until the right one clicks.

When you do this, it’s progress because remember, you are always ahead of the person not taking action at all.

The non-action takers are still debating on how or when to finally get going. Eventually they will, but you? You are already doing it.

Keep taking action, keep progressing and stay positive!

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